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Why Hire Photo Booths For Post-COVID Events

By July 22, 2020January 26th, 2023No Comments

The COVID-19 outbreak caused many events to be postponed or canceled altogether. In addition, activities for the future event will not be the same as before – at least for a while.

On the upside of the reschedules and even longer anticipation, event planners were given more time to prepare. While you look for new ways to be health-conscious at your event, investigate using a photo booth!

Here are reasons why you should keep or hire a photo booth rental company for your upcoming event:


Some photo booths require users to constantly touch the screen to choose options. Worry less about the constant need to sanitize with a touch-free option from Twinkle Photo Booth.

To activate your session, all you have to do is wave your hand. In addition, we will always have an concierge on-site to monitor the booth. They?ll ensure we?re social distancing properly and offering hand sanitizer as needed.

Digital Props

The prop table is always a highlight of any photo booth. You often see fun signs, crazy hats, large sunglasses, and many more. However, be prepared to see a decrease in the number of objects on the prop tables at events to come.

Photo booth software is now giving the option for digital props. These digital props mimic enjoyable stickers and filters on popular apps like Snapchat. You can choose from a selection of specialized props such as tiaras or mustaches on the screen—or have the concierge do it.

Open-Air Photo Booths

Photo booths are no longer the box with a short bench and a tiny screen inside. Advances in technology have allowed the photo booth industry to reach new levels. Today, photo booths can be open-air with only a high-tech camera stand and backdrop.

Open-air photo booths allow guests to distance themselves. Plus, more people can fit in the open-air photo booths than the original photo booths. The guests can now imagine new poses for their pictures, either sitting or standing.

Social Media Connectivity

Instead of waiting for print-outs of photo strips, you can now simply upload your photos to popular social media sites. Having this option decreases the amount of contact and waiting time. Be able to share your photos instantly to show your followers how much fun your photo booth experience was.

The way we celebrate has changed and so have the activities at your event. However, a photo booth may be the most adaptable activity that can bring a sense of normalcy to your festivity. Modern photo booths provide all the excitement of traditional booths, but with added safety.

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