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Which Photo Booth Package is Best for Your Event?

By April 27, 2023May 24th, 2023No Comments

If you’re planning an event and considering adding a photo booth, you may be wondering which photo booth package is right for you. We offer 3 base packages with the option to customize any of them to fit your event needs.

Let’s take a look at our options and see which is right for your event!

Photo Booth Package Options


The first option is the digital package, which includes two hours of digital images. This is a great choice for events where you don’t necessarily need a physical keepsake or party favor, such as a corporate event or a large gathering where printing and distributing photos may be difficult.

With this package, guests can access their photos via mobile devices and easily share them on social media. Our digital package was a hit at Reagan’s Sweet 16, where teenagers were eager to share their fun photos while they were all dressed up!


The second option is the star package, which includes two hours of prints. This package is ideal for events where you want a physical keepsake from the event but have a smaller guest list.

For instance, if you’re hosting a family gathering or a milestone anniversary party, like Ruthie and Albert’s 55th anniversary party, this package provides a fun activity for guests to enjoy while also providing them with a memorable takeaway from the event.


The final option is the superstar package, which includes three hours of prints and a guest book. This is the most popular wedding package and for good reason. With this package, guests can enjoy taking fun and silly photos together while also creating a keepsake for the couple to cherish.

The guest book allows guests to leave a personalized message alongside their photo, which can be a meaningful and heartwarming addition to any wedding album. Many of our recent weddings booked this package, including Rachel and Charles at Franklin’s View.

Ultimately, the best package for your event will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Consider the size of your guest list, the type of event you’re hosting, and whether you want a physical keepsake or a more digital experience.

No matter which package you choose, a photo booth is sure to be a fun and memorable addition to any event.

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