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Popular Q: When to Have Photo Booth Open at a Wedding?

By July 21, 2022February 14th, 2024No Comments

One of the most popular questions asked is “When should our photo booth be open at my event?” The answer is different depending on the celebration! Everyone’s timeline for the perfect day is unique, so here are some ideas for when to have a photo booth at a wedding.

Cocktail Hour Photo Booth

Having the photo booth during the cocktail hour is perfect for keeping guests entertained, especially if it is longer than an hour! That break between the ceremony and reception gives the couple a moment where they can be together as newlyweds and take intimate portraits with their photographer.

Summer Wedding Photo Booth

Reception Photo Booth

For a booth during the wedding reception, we recommend having it open about an hour after the start time. We want to make sure that all eyes are on the celebrants when introductions, dances, and speeches are happening. And we all know that no one is taking photos when food is being served!

Once dinner is done, the booth will be ready for memorable photos!

Full Wedding Photo Booth

Want to have your guests entertained for the entire wedding? We offer customizable packages, so you can add extra time! Our idle hour is perfect for those who want both! The booth will be open during cocktail hour to capture the glam shots, and then opens again for the fun of dancing!

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