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How Long Should a Wedding Photo Booth Rental Be?

By May 27, 2021January 30th, 2023No Comments

One of the most common questions we’re asked by clients is, “How long should my wedding photo booth rental be?”

The average reception runs for four to five hours, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll want the booth for the duration of your event. There are several factors to consider when booking a booth for your big day.

Here are a few to keep in mind:

How Many Guests Are In Attendance?

The number of people at your reception will naturally affect the amount of time you’ll want the booth around. A large event might require a longer booking. This gives everyone a chance to experiment with poses and props in front of the camera, and get comfortable enough to give you those memorable shots.

A 3-hour rental is our most popular option, but we recommend a 2-hour rental for smaller guest lists of up to 75 people and a 4-hour rental for large parties of 250+ attendees.

Where Will The Booth Be Located?

If you’re setting the booth up in a separate room than the reception, a longer rental time might be required in order to make sure all of your guests know where to find it.

Will The Booth Be Used For The Entire Time?

While considering location, you’ll also want to think about how a photo booth will fit into the day’s schedule. Our event concierge arrives about an hour before your start time to set up. Keep that in mind when deciding on timing and location, especially if the booth will be in a high traffic area.

If you’re only wanting the booth to be in use after the speeches are done, you may want to consider setting the booth up in a separate area so that we can set up during cocktail hour and the first dance without disturbing your guests. However, if you want the booth to be in use from cocktail hour onward, we can set it up while everyone is away for the ceremony.

What Customizations Do You Want?

Props are always a hit and make for hilarious photos, but it also encourages guests to spend more time in the booth. They will come back to the booth, again and again, enjoying the countless options of props to choose from.

If you choose a digital booth, your guests will have the option of a photo, boomerang, gif, or video. With a print booth, depending on the layout you choose, your guests will be taking multiple photos at a time. Printing takes about a minute, and guests tend to wait until they come out before heading back to the dance floor or jumping in line again.

It is important to consider these factors and think about what customizations your guests will enjoy the most when deciding how long your booth rental should be.

At Twinkle Photo Booth, we offer two, three, and four-hour increments, which means we can cater to all of your wedding photo booth rental needs. Keep in mind that idle time is an option; if you only want the booth set up between cocktail hour and introductions, then inactive during the first dances, speeches, and dinner, then switched back on for the dance portion of the night, we can do that for you.

*The scheduled time is the time the booth is open and you and your guests are able to actively take photos. The additional time for setup and takedown is on our time and you will not be charged!

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