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Say “I Do” To A Wedding Photo Booth

By August 3, 2020January 26th, 2023No Comments

You’ve recited your vows and are officially married – it’s time to party! Bring more fun to your reception with a photo booth!

Consider these additions to make your wedding reception unique and unforgettable:

Photo Booth This Way!

A photo booth is a great way to make every detail of your wedding unforgettable! How can you ensure that all of your guests take part in the activity?

For starters, market your booth and the hours it will be operating. Promote the booth at the venue entrance and on the dining tables. Ways to do this include incorporating something in the centerpiece or adding a small blurb to the menus.

Also, placement is important! You have the dance floor, maybe a bar area. Do not just stick your booth in the corner! Look for an accessible space in the venue that has enough room for a line and socialization (and social distancing too). Work with the venue and your wedding planner to find the appropriate place for your booth.

In addition, think about creating an outdoor photo booth, maybe with an open backdrop. An outdoor photo booth can draw guests outside of the venue, extending the fun into the fresh air. The open backdrop brings together the venue and your party for lasting memories.

Live Stream The Photo Booth

Ask the photo booth company and the venue if you can stream the pictures on a screen in real-time. Streaming the pictures allows guests to enjoy the photo booth from their own seats. The screen also serves as a constant reminder that the photo booth is available.

Snap It & Sign It!

The event may last six hours, but pictures last a lifetime! Remind guests of all the special ways you will use the booth, during and after the event! Here are ways to enjoy your photo booth strips beyond your wedding.

Idea #1: Guest Scrapbook
Ask your photo booth company to print extra strips of each group of pictures. Have guests place their extra strip in a scrapbook and leave a special note of advice, encouragement, or just a signature.

Idea #2: Make a Collage
Turn your guests? photo strips into a collage! All you need is your extra strip, a poster board, and some tape. Have your guests take their extra strip and fasten it to the poster board. Go one step further and have your guests sign their pictures. This brings more personalization and sentimental value to your photo booth!

Idea #3: Leave a Note
Can?t do extra prints? Have the guests still leave notes, whether in a book, on paper, or electronically. Check with the company that you will receive a digital copy of the strips. If yes, attach the notes to the strips online.

Idea #4: Chalkboard Notes
Looking to bring the sentiment directly into the photos? How about using a chalkboard prop? Have guests write their own advice or notes to the happy couple on the chalkboard and use the board as a prop in their photos. Put together all the chalkboard photos to keep all your friends? advice close to heart.

Perfect Wedding Favors

Photo strips make for great mementos from weddings. However, some strips are easy to lose, rip, or destroy. Design a specific prop that each guest can take home as a favor.

Create wedding favors that are difficult to lose such as frames for the photo strips. Include the couple?s names and wedding date on the trim.

Instead of frames, purchase plastic holders to turn every photo strip into a long-lasting bookmark. Another idea is to buy custom envelopes to hold all your guest?s strips with the couple?s names and the date of the wedding on the front.

A photo booth is more than a collection of pictures of guests at an event on fancy paper. A photo booth creates priceless memories with your loved ones that will last forever! Develop the perfect photo addition to your wedding with these design tips!

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