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Wedding Glam Booth Roundup: Still Hot in 2024

By April 26, 2024No Comments

As 2024 progresses, it’s evident that glam booths are still reigning supreme! We’ve had the pleasure of witnessing some stunning variations of our wedding glam booth setups at 10 weddings so far this year!

Check out the customizations of the hottest trend lighting up events everywhere.

wedding glam booth 2024

Weddings are all about tradition and adding a little sparkle of uniqueness. This year, six lovely couples chose a classic white backdrop for their glam booth, paired with a large 4×6 print.

What set each event apart were the subtle variations in font choices used in the left corner for the names! It’s the little details that add that extra touch of personalization and charm.

wedding glam booth 4x6 4
wedding glam booth 4x6 5

For those who prefer the traditional booth strip, the 2×6 glam print was seen at four weddings this year. These strips allow multiple captures in one booth session, adding to the fun and excitement of the wedding glam booth experience!

wedding glam booth 2x6 3

Many of these weddings were held at Cescaphe venues! From the grandeur of the Downtown Club and Cescaphe Ballroom to the modern elegance of Switch House and Vie, each location provided the perfect canvas for capturing unforgettable moments.

Additionally, weddings at esteemed venues like the Ballroom at the Ben in Philadelphia, the Camden County Boathouse, and the Yacht Club of Stone Harbor complemented the elegance of the wedding glam booth.

@twinklephotobooth Behind the scenes of The Wolf’s glam booth! #weddingphotobooth ♬ Looking Glass - Kupla

2024 has already proven to be a year filled with glamour, elegance, and unforgettable moments captured through the lens of Twinkle Photo Booth. We can’t wait to see what customizations others will have for their wedding glam booth!

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