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Virtual Office Parties: COVID-Free Company Holidays

By November 12, 2020January 27th, 2023No Comments

Celebrating the holidays will look different this year as companies shift gears to come up with fun and practical alternatives to over-the-top bashes from years past. While nothing can replace an in-person holiday party, virtual office parties bring employees together during the holiday season.

Typically, companies create magical experiences with entertainment, food, and cocktails. Employers use this time to make their employees feel special with a great evening at an impressive venue.

Corporate photo booths are a holiday party favorite – guests posing in front of the company logo with cheerful props builds camaraderie.

How To Host A Virtual Holiday

A popular alternative to traditional company events are virtual office parties. There are various streaming websites to host on such as Facebook Live, Zoom, and YouTube. The online format has many benefits such as saving money on travel and venue rentals, potential for more attendees and safety from COVID exposure.

Virtual office parties can be scheduled for any time of day with options to include both in-person team members and work from home employees. For example, each office can host their own mini event and easily join together with other offices across the country. Hosting virtually also makes it easy to include surprise entertainers and special guests who can participate from their own home.

Spice up Your Virtual Party

Creative Gifts

Saving money with a virtual event allows more room in the budget for thoughtful employee gifts. Personalized gift boxes are the perfect way to show employee appreciation after a long year. Gift boxes can include anything from company merchandise to snacks and booze to enjoy during the live event.

Spread Holiday Cheer

The holiday season is meant to be filled with friends and fun. Before the event, organize a  gift exchange within your office to be opened during the live event. During the event, create a cheerful atmosphere with classic holiday music, decorations or an ugly sweater contest.

Host a Virtual Class

Since engagement can be low on video conferences, get the entire office involved with a fun wine tasting or cookie making class. Before the party, give out themed boxes including instructions and materials for the class. Then, the entire call can participate and follow along during the call.

Planning an Event?

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