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A Decade of Love: Unforgettable 10th Anniversary Vow Renewal Celebration

By August 4, 2023No Comments

On an unforgettable summer night, the Perdue’s celebrated their love with a 10th anniversary vow renewal! William and Beverly Perdue decided to pull out all the stops for this milestone event, and we were thrilled to be there to document the joy and love that filled the night.

10th Anniversary Vow Renewal Decor

Vie by Cescaphe was nothing short of a floral wonderland! From dramatic flower arches to elegant centerpieces, the transformation set the perfect scene for an enchanting evening of celebration.

As the evening unfolded, guests were delighted with excellent food and entertainment. The Perdue’s had upgraded to premium cocktail hour, dinner, and dessert options, ensuring their loved ones were treated to a truly gourmet experience.

10th Anniversary Vow Renewal Ceremony
10th Anniversary Vow Renewal Seating Chart
@twinklephotobooth The Perdue Vow Renewal was a night to remember! So much went into each detail to make it the perfect celebration. #vowrenewal #phillywedding #weddingtiktok ♬ Feel Good - WYLES

The Perdue’s decided on a chic black dress code for their guests, and it added an air of sophistication to the event. As people posed in our photo booth, the black backdrop made them look like true VIPs. It was a perfect choice to complement the evening’s elegance.

10th Anniversary Vow Renewal Booth Picture

Being part of the Perdue’s 10th-anniversary vow renewal celebration was an absolute delight! We’re grateful for the opportunity to capture these precious memories, and we wish William and Beverly Perdue many more years of happiness and love as they continue their journey together.

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