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Top Wedding Photo Booth Questions

By January 17, 2023February 14th, 2024No Comments

Planning a wedding and you have photo booth questions? The Twinkle Photo Booth team are experts on the subject!

BVT Live hosted a band showcase at the Drexelbrook! It was a great time for couples to listen to some amazing bands and taste some of Drexelbrook’s food offerings. Other local vendors attended to showcase their services, too.

After talking with clients, we noticed them asking some common questions. Below are those questions and our answers! We’ve also linked our blogs with more in-depth answers.

Why should we have a photo booth?

  • It is a great form of entertainment! Guests can take a break from dancing to pose with their loved ones. The photos also capture a different angle of the wedding than the photographer.

When should we book?

  • ASAP! If you know your date and venue, book as soon as possible! This guarantees your spot on our calendar and locks in current pricing, too.

How long should we have the photo booth?

  • This really depends on your party size and what else you have planned for your wedding. Though, the most popular choice is our 3-hour Superstar package! Read more here!

When should the photo booth open?

  • Everyone’s wedding timeline is unique, but the most common time is right after dinner. Guests are more out of their seats at this time, which means the booth will be utilized the most!
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