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Top 10 Photo Booth Poses

By September 24, 2020August 31st, 2023No Comments

Do you ever find yourself getting in front of the camera and not having the slightest idea what to do?  Not to worry! We have put together a list of our top 10 photo booth poses for the next time you are in front of the camera.

1. The Prom Pose

You all know the ol’ classic prom pose. One person stands behind the other and wraps their arms around the other’s waist. The only thing missing is the matching flowers!

2. The Duck Lips

We’ve all seen the classic selfie pose, so pucker those lips and show off your best duck face. 

3. Back to Back

This is a great pose to do with your friends! Have some fun and show some attitude.

4. A Kiss for the Guest of Honor

It’s a special day and we gotta spread the love! Plant a sweet kiss on the person you are celebrating!

5. Strike a Model Pose

Happy with the outfit and makeup you spent hours putting on? Show it all off when you hop in the photo booth! 

6. Grab Some Props

Spark a little creativity by grabbing some props! Hold up a sign to set the mood. Put some big sunglasses on to add some personality to the pic!

7. Bring the Whole Crew

Our open-air setup lets you bring the whole crew into the photo. Pile in as many of your pals as you can and take a pic with the whole squad. The more the merrier! 

8. The Dab

A dance move that became popular in the mid-2010s this pose shows the world that you’re a winner. Tilt your head down and into the bent crook of your elbow while holding your opposite arm straight out! 

9. The Photobomb

We’ve all been there. Running towards the camera at the last moment and stealing the spotlight. Burst in on your friend’s photo for a fun and candid moment!

10. The Peace Sign

A pose that is fun and simple! Throw out the peace sign next time you’re in front of the camera!

Every one of these 10 photo booth poses makes for a unique and fun picture. Go ahead and try them out!

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