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Top 5 Photo Booth Print Trends of 2023

By July 7, 2023August 8th, 2023No Comments

2023 has been busy! With over 100 events already under our belt in the last 6 months, we’ve noticed some cool photo booth print trends. Each celebration is unique and these print customizations take the art of capturing memories to new heights.

Glam Booth

Mentioned in our last blog, the glam booth is becoming increasingly popular, especially for high-end events and weddings. The black and white filter makes everyone look their best and the 4×6 print is a wonderful keepsake.

Glam Booth Photo Booth Print Trend
Glam Photo Print First Names

Nature Designs

Flowers and other plants are very popular for weddings to bring romance to the prints. Whether they are pink roses or eucalyptus leaves, the addition of nature to the photo prints creates a beautiful reminder of the day.

Leafy Flowers
Pink Roses

Themed Prints

Everyone loves a theme and tying the photo designs into the rest of the event elevates the experience! An 80s-themed birthday party incorporated a fun pattern in neon colors to their print.

A winter Sweet 16 had photo strips with a snowy background to transport you to a winter wonderland. Adding little details like those can make these prints something to save for years to come.


Logo prints are always a great choice, providing a personalized touch to photo booth experiences. Companies have utilized their logos on prints to enhance brand awareness during corporate events.

Custom Mitzvah logos have been incorporated to celebrate this special milestone in a young person’s life, reflecting their unique journey. School logos have been a hit at graduation parties, documenting the accomplishments of the graduating class.

School Logo Photo Booth Print Trends

Simple Prints

In a world where trends come and go, the simplicity of white backgrounds with clean, minimalist designs has emerged as a timeless option. These prints feature elegant typography with simple text, ensuring that the focus remains on the captured moments.

Simple and Classy

We’ve been so grateful to witness the photo booth print trends of 2023 firsthand at all these lovely events. From glamorous black & white to floral motifs, themed prints, logo incorporations, and simple designs, event hosts are embracing diverse ways to personalize and elevate their photo booth experiences.

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