Take Your Pick: Rental vs. DIY Photo Booths

There is a lot to consider when planning an event—music, decorations, and most importantly, activities. A very popular activity at events is a photo booth. With updated technology, people have started do-it-yourself (DIY) photo booths for their events.

DIY photo booths may include a DSLR camera, a sheet-hanging backdrop, and homemade props. It may be fun to create your own photo booth. However, a lot more goes into planning and preparing the booth than it may seem.

Here is why hiring a professional photo booth company for your event is worth the investment:

Photo Booth Companies


Most photo booths come with an attendant, or have the option to have an attendant. Having an attendant allows for expert use of the software, meaning shorter lines and more use of the photo booth. Also, the photo booth professional can easily set-up and breakdown the booth and fix any technical issues.

Specialized Add-Ons

The professional software of photo booth companies allow for more unique add-ons. Some of these include GIFs (Graphics Interchange Formats), digital props, animated backgrounds, and even event analytics.

Fast Print and Sharing Options

Do not worry about missing out on the hilarious pictures your guests take at your party. Many professional photo booth companies offer unlimited prints, social media connectivity, and even an online gallery of all your prints. Some companies will even bind the hosts a memorable book of the prints from their party.


Imagine a photo booth with perfect lighting, high-quality prints, and great filters. Look no further! With a professional photo booth rental company, all these dreams can become reality. Our team at Twinkle Photo Booth is ready to provide you the greatest photo booth experience!

Photo booth companies have a lot to offer to make your event professional, smooth, and amusing.

photo booth rental company

DIY Photo Booths

Hand-pick Decorations, Props, Etc.

Most photo booth companies allow you to choose your props from their selection or even customize them. When you DIY a photo booth, all decorations, backdrops, props, etc. are your responsibility. This can become pricey and time-consuming, especially if you are making the items yourself.

Need to Purchase Equipment

Not only are the accessories your responsibility, so is the hardware. You need to purchase software, cameras, printers, and all the other technical equipment needed. If you are looking to keep this equipment for further use, a DIY photo booth may be your best option. But, if the investment in heavy-duty photo booth equipment is not in your alley, there are companies like Twinkle Photo Booth ready to assist you.

Monitor the Booth Yourself

On top of everything else at the event, you must monitor the photo booth yourself. You are in charge of fixing problems and ensuring the booth is running smoothly. Problems can arise quickly when you are not familiar with the technology. Professional overseeing the photo booth provides you peace of mind while enjoying your own event

DIY photo booth

Creating your own photo booth may seem like fun, especially if you are crafty, but it can be a large expense and stressor. Reduce your worries by contacting our team at Twinkle Photo Booth to work your next event!

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