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Sippin’ on Love at a Fancy Tea Party Bridal Shower

By November 17, 2022January 12th, 2023No Comments

Not all bridal showers need a theme, but if there is a theme, make sure to go all out! Guests were told to wear gloves and fancy hats to Timetress’ shower to make it the ultimate tea party bridal shower!

The Westwood in Garwood, New Jersey was the perfect, elegant venue for this surprise bridal shower. The guests all arrive before the bride and gathered to wish her well upon her entering the room!

The onsite kitchen provided delicious food and desserts. An employee of the Westwood even created the amazing teapot cake! Gorgeous centerpieces were found on Etsy to tie in the tea party theme!

To keep everyone entertained when they were not eating, the guests played many games. There was pass the bouquet, guess the number of diamonds, and draw her dress! The winners of each of the games got a special prize.

The party organizer chose our glam booth for the photos. The white backdrop with a custom-designed print was the perfect keepsake from the tea party bridal shower! Guests also left a copy of their photos with a message in the guest book to wish the bride well.

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