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Selfie Photo Booth vs. 360 Photo Booth – What’s the Difference?

By May 26, 2023May 31st, 2023No Comments

When it comes to capturing memorable moments at events, photo booths have become an essential addition. They provide entertainment, serve as a source of fun, and guests can leave with keepsakes to cherish.

With the recent 360 photo booth fad, let’s compare it to the selfie photo booth we offer!


The selfie booth uses iPad and DSLR cameras to capture high-quality images. Guests stand in front of the camera and can see themselves while the photo is taken.

The 360 booth takes a video with a camera attached to a rotating arm. The subjects stand on a platform while the camera spins around them.

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One of the advantages of a selfie photo booth is the ability to set up different backdrops to match the event theme. Whether it’s one of our glitter backdrops or a custom one to fit your event, the options are endless.

The 360 photo booths have a large enclosure or no backdrop at all.


When considering the physical space required, selfie photo booths typically have a small footprint – making them suitable for events with limited space.

On the contrary, a 360 photo booth may require more room due to its rotating camera and larger setup. It’s essential to evaluate your event space and choose the option that fits best without compromising on the overall guest experience.


A selfie photo booth offers the option to print physical copies of the photos instantly. The prints can be cherished souvenirs for guests to take home. Additionally, a digital gallery of all the images captured is included with our photo booth packages.

360 photo booths focus solely on digital images and videos. They’re instantly available but there is no physical copy.

Both the selfie photo booth and the 360 photo booth offer unique advantages, depending on the type of event and desired experience. Consider factors such as space availability, backdrop preference, and the option of prints or digital images when making your decision. Ultimately, choosing the right photo booth will ensure your event leaves a lasting impression on your guests!

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