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Your Party Personality Based On Your Go-to Photo Booth Props

By September 1, 2020July 24th, 2023No Comments

Imagine you’re at a special event and are approaching the amazing photo booth. Before having your picture taken with your friends, you glance at the props. Everyone seems to have ‘go-to’ photo booth props regardless of the event – perhaps it?s a funny hat or a feather boa..

Is it possible your prop-of-choice says something about your party personality? Yes!

Check below for your party personality:

Blow-Up Guitars and Microphones

If your go-to prop is a blow-up guitar or microphone, you are all about the music! You know all the songs on the playlist and are the first ones to start karaoke. You are creative, energetic, and know how to fire up a crowd, or at least awaken a ballroom of guests.

Big Sunglasses and Funky Hats

Big sunglasses and funky hats are a staple prop, no matter the event. If this is your go-to prop, you are the life of the party! You cannot get off the dance floor no matter what song is on the playlist. You will definitely be found dancing on chairs or tables, even at the most elegant event.

Mustaches and Other Props On-A-Stick

Did someone say class clown? If you always grab the mustache on-a-stick or other similar props, you are the funny one of the friend group. You have a joke for every situation and never fail to make your friends laugh. The photo booth is your favorite part of any event. You can always be found in line waiting for your next opportunity at the photo booth.

Tiara, Firefighter Hat, Viking Hat, etc.

If these are your favorite props, you attempt to closely relate with the qualities of these individuals. You have the confidence of a princess, the determination of a firefighter, and the strength of a Viking. Altogether, these props allow you to feel a sense of power and responsibility. You are a serious individual and will definitely steal the prop off the table to wear the prop around the venue.

Hawaiian Grass Skirt, Leis, Coconuts, Straw Hats

Let?s face it. We all dream about being on a beach trip at one point or another. But if grass skirts, leis, and straw hats are your favorite prop, you are ALL about the beach. You are constantly picturing yourself at a tropical destination at any event and will set your photo booth experience around the beach.. When not at the photo booth, you are daydreaming of fulfilling your dreams of going to Hawaii.

No Prop

Choosing to go without props in your photo booth pictures can mean one of two things.

First, you are classy and independent. You make your own fun with silly faces and powerful poses. You go to events wanting to make friends, and will always leave with 10 new Instagram followers.

Second, you prefer sentimental pictures with your loved ones. You believe that the photo booth does not have crazy. You want these classy and elegant pictures to last forever.

Unsure of which category you would place yourself, find out at your next event with Twinkle Photo Booth. Our team at Twinkle offers a variety of theme-related props for any event.

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