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Design Your Own Photo Booth Print Outs: 2×6 vs. 4×6

By June 4, 2021April 12th, 2024No Comments

When you think of a photo booth print out, you probably think of photo strips, similar to the ones you would get from a booth at an arcade. Here at Twinkle Photo Booth, we offer that 2×6 strip option, but we also have a 4×6, too.

Once a photo booth is reserved, there are several options to choose. In addition to selecting a backdrop to fit with the event theme, clients work with our designers to custom create the perfect photo booth print out! This post is going to help you decide what print format you want your photos to be taken.

2×6 Photo Booth Print Outs

This is the more traditional format of photo booth print outs. This size is the ever-popular “strip” with two or three photos stacked on top of each other, along with a fully customizable background labeling the event and date the photos were taken. Check out some of our example templates!

The 2×6 option is great for memory books. Their smaller size allows for more photos per page, and leaves room on each page for handwritten messages. Another benefit to their size is the ease of storage for guests. Their copy can easily be tucked away in a purse, pocket, or wallet.

Best Uses:

A 2×6 photo booth print is great for parties, weddings, graduations, and any major celebration you may be planning!

4×6 Photo Booth Print Outs

A 4×6 print out provides guests with a classy look to their keepsake photos. With larger images on each print and standard photo size, these pictures are made to be framed.

When adding your fully customizable background, you’ll have more space on each print for larger logos, fonts, or other designs. We can include wedding dates, company logos, party theme-related designs…the possibilities are endless.

Best Uses:

A 4×6 photo booth print is ideal for trade shows, grand openings, business anniversaries, or any event where promoting your brand is important.

We’ve been seeing a rise in the glam booth, specifically the large 4×6 print, at weddings, too!

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