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Photo Booth Apps: Bringing the Fun Home

By July 22, 2020January 26th, 2023No Comments

Waiting for a special event to experience the fun of a photo booth? The wait is over. You don’t need an event to enjoy (some of) the fun of a photo booth! Bring the party into your daily life with these six photo booth apps:

Mini Photobooth

Mini Photobooth is the closest app you can get to an actual photo booth. This app has an endless list of great features: countdown timer, fast sharing options, confetti animation, and more! Choose from an array of different photo strip layouts and themes. You can also add your own touch with a personal design! In addition, there is a way to create animated videos with predetermined layout options.

Mini Photobooth offers three modes for your photo booth. Play Mode is a simple system that gives you the freedom to move in and out of the app. Event Mode is perfect for a do-it-yourself photo booth as it locks the screen so only the photo booth app is accessible for guests. Lastly, collage mode allows you to upload your photos from your camera roll on your photo strip.

Simple Booth

Capturing moments in pictures has never been easier. The Simple Booth app puts a photo booth right on your phone. This app has fun filters and unique photo strip layouts. You can take pictures or even create your own GIFs.

This app does not just make it painless to take pictures. It is also effortless to share them! You can share directly with friends and family via email, text, or social media. Search through all your photo booth pictures with the extensive photo gallery available on the app.

Pocket Booth

This $0.99 app is a great way to bring a vintage 1950s photo booth into your home. Take your pictures with a screen that mimics a traditional closed photo booth. The print screen even looks like the print slot on the classic machines.

The Pocket Booth app works fast to create, share, and customize your favorite pictures directly from your mobile photo booth. This app allows you to:

  • Choose from five photo effects, two paper types, and two border styles
  • Add-on more filters and borders with expansion packs
  • Print directly from your phone
  • Share instantly with Facebook, Twitter, or email
  • Turn on Party Mode for a DIY party booth


Be a photo booth star with CamStar! CamStar offers a variety of frames and filters. Choose between single-shot photos or multi-picture photo grids. The other apps allow you to take multiple images for one strip. Instead, this app takes one photo and duplicates it multiple times.

CamStar also has the ability to upload your photos to incorporate in the photo booth. This app is as easy to use at one click of a button. Share your photos in an instant through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Party Photo Booth

Assemble. Snap. Save. Share. with this Party Photo Booth app. This simple app allows you to take four pictures at a time for a photo strip. Choose from taking photos in black and white or color.

View all your photo booth strips in the gallery. Tap the strip in on your gallery to zoom in each square of the strip. Finally, Party Photo Booth allows you to download your favorite strips to your device. Take it one step further and share your images with others via text, email, or social media.

LumaBooth Event Photo Booth

The LumaBooth Event Photo Booth app is the ultimate professional photo booth software through the app store. Though this app requires a subscription, it is perfect for running your own photo booth for your next event. Take photos and GIFs and add them to custom photo prints. Still not satisfied no matter the number of retakes? Edit your pictures directly through the app.

This app is perfect for any event. Companies can use their own logos for corporate events. In addition, design the home screen to match your event. Print and share directly through the app. Sharing options also QR codes, Airdrop, text, email, and social media.

There are a lot of apps out there to bring a photo booth directly to your hand. These are just some of the apps that nearly match the fun of an actual photo booth.

The apps may be a convenient addition to your party. However, do not overlook the benefits of working with a photo booth company. You can receive high-quality, unlimited customized prints, fun party props, and premium backdrops. Most importantly, you will enjoy a unique and memorable time with friends and family!

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