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Flower Power! Amanda and Stephen’s Perfect Flower Wall Backdrop!

By October 8, 2021January 31st, 2023No Comments

Fall is arriving and gentle crisp weather for weddings in on its way! The first night of October brought us a fun, loving, exquisite wedding night for Amanda and Stephen! These newly weds’ venue provided a beautiful flower wall backdrop for the photo booth.

Hosted at The Ballroom at Ellis Preserve, Amanda and Stephen had their gorgeous wedding night with loved ones recently. The Ballroom is a historical landmark surrounding by beautiful greenery located in Newtown Square, Delaware County. Every dream was brought to reality for the lovely couple!

With over 45 years of catering, Finley Catering created an unforgettable catering and cocktail experience for the guests. The signature of the drink was “The A-Z Espresso Martini.” The elegant atmosphere created a beautiful reception for Amanda and Stephen’s special night. There was an amazing ice sculpture as well!

With Anton Drummond Photography ready for every moment, the night was filled with many memories! The charming setup was perfectly complimented by The Bouquet Shop’s gorgeous blooming bouquets to perfect the atmosphere. The flawless flower wall backdrop suited the venue exquisitely and the guests lined up to take their turn in the booth!

The night went perfectly as planned! Ending the night off, a mummers band came in and surprised the crowd with the perfect dancing scene for everyone! Amanda and Stephen danced the night away as newly weds!

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