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Open Air Photo Booth: The Most Popular Setup

By July 29, 2022January 18th, 2023No Comments

While we offer a few setup options, over 95% of our events in the past few years have chosen our open air photo booth. Here are a few reasons why it has been the most popular!

More Compact & Flexible

The open air photo booth setup is flexible and takes up less space than the enclosed booth. We typically ask for an 8×8 ft space, but have made it work in smaller areas if needed at the venue.

More Backdrop Options

Some of our backdrops only work for an open air setup. Since this layout has been more popular, we keep adding more to our inventory to allow clients a wide variety of looks to choose from!

Encourages Use

Event guests might not know that there is a photo booth or they might be a bit hesitant to use it if they are shy. The open air photo booth setup allows others to see the fun while people are posing in front of the camera.

Larger Groups

Without the restriction of enclosed walls on all sides, the open air setup allows for more people to fit in the frame at once! The large group photos are always a hit as everyone squeezes in to be seen.

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