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Interactive Entertainment for Micro Events

By May 1, 2021January 30th, 2023No Comments

We all have heard the term “micro events” thrown around in years past. During the pandemic, when large gatherings were strongly discouraged, micro events exploded in popularity.

What’s Considered A Micro Event?

A micro event is a special event, such as a wedding, birthday party, graduation celebration, or corporate gathering, planned on a much smaller scale. While the concept of micro-events has existed for some time, it became increasingly common during the pandemic.

Event Venues

With a micro event, there is no longer a need to invest thousands of dollars into a large ballroom or event space.

One of the most popular micro event trends is choosing an intimate venue that truly reflects your personal style or the message you may be trying to convey with your event. Backyards, gardens, local restaurants, and breweries, and even boutique shops with fun, quirky vibes are being rented out for small private events.

By saving on money spent on the venue, you are now free to focus on the smaller details of your event, like ways to entertain your guests.


Incorporating an interactive entertainment element into your event – such as a trivia game, cocktail mixer tutorial, or photo booth, can help make your event truly stand out among the rest. These will keep your guests entertained while still maintaining a safe distance.

Photo Booths

At a micro event with a smaller invite list, something like a photo booth is an excellent way to get your guests involved and interacting. Photo booths and other interactive entertainment options are increasingly popular micro event trends.

Quality Over Quantity

A smaller guest list means the budget can go to higher quality details. People are opting for more gourmet food options, or spending a little more on the decorations. While you may budget for your event differently, a booth is a great addition to any celebration.

Flexible Timing

Booking a booth for two to three hours is an optimal time. It allows guests to warm up to the idea, and then try out the setup. Guests may visit the booth several times to capture some of their best poses with different groups of people.

A two-hour window for a photo booth gives plenty of time for attendees to participate, without having the booth present at the entire event. We will work with you to figure out the best time during your event to set up the booth.

Customizable Design and Layout

An open-air booth creates a safer space for guests to co-mingle as they snap their shots, with flexible setup options to allow for use in even the most intimate of venues. You could even choose to incorporate a backdrop based on the theme of your event.

No matter what you choose, your guests will love the chance to strike a pose at your event’s photo booth!

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