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Memorable Moments Captured by Our Photo Booth

By August 16, 2022January 18th, 2023No Comments

Each photo tells a story, but sometimes a little more context helps make the story even better! Our attendants have been to hundreds of events in the past few years and we have seen it all. Here are some of the memorable moments we’ve captured!

This couple who attended a wedding was also married on that date. The husband grabbed a pen and wrote on the back of one of our props to announce in their photo that it was their anniversary! Such a fun way to commemorate the moment!

Whole Foods has appreciation days for their employees and we’ve attended a few of them! At this one, they provided lunch for their team members. This particular employee chose to document the delicious burrito before eating, resulting in this incredible series of pictures.

A local retirement community had a party for its employees and residents. While some staff members were taking a photo, an older gentleman walked in front of the camera, heading to the food table. He paid no mind to the photos happening and we got this hliarious result!

We love a good group shot! The Krinsky’s gathered their cousins and squeezed in for this big group picture which turned out incredible.

A charity gala was hosted at Lincoln Financial Field and they booked Twinkle for a photo booth! Being at the Eagles stadium, the mascot, Swoop, made an appearance and even got a photo with the attendants.

Angie, a pastry chef for Cescaphe, had her wedding at Down Town Club. She gathered her fellow co-workers and posed with the desserts they made!

These all make for great stories and we love being able to capture all these memorable moments to be kept forever!

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