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Making Moves: Pose Tips for a Boomerang Photo Booth

By February 16, 2022January 25th, 2023No Comments

Taking photos at events is a must! But with Twinkle Photo Booth, you can do more than just pictures. We’ve given some pose tips for photos, so now it is time to share some ideas for a boomerang photo booth capture.

Before taking the Boomerang, it is important to know what it is! Made popular by Instagram, a Boomerang is a short video taken in a few seconds. It then will play forward and in reverse in a loop.

These captures are so much fun for all ages and the results are always amazing. Below are some motion ideas to make the perfect boomerang at a photo booth!

The Shimmy

This movement is so simple to do and always comes out great!

Use Props

Props are perfect if you aren’t sure what to do with your body. All you need is a little bit of hand movement and you get an awesome boomerang!


Have a drink on hand? Clink them together. Pro tip: start with the glasses together and pull away for the best results!

Dance It Out!

The more motion the better! Bust a move to start the party.

The Carry

Pick up a loved one and the results will be fantastic!

Hand Motions

Looking for a boomerang photo booth pose but don’t want to do too much movement? Use your hands! Peace signs, rock on, hearts, pointing… the options are endless!

Other Boomerang Photo Booth Pose Ideas

Each capture is unique and memorable and no movement is too big or too small. Here are some other super creative boomerangs!

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