How Photo Booths Have Changed the Way We Celebrate

In our selfie-culture, it is not surprising that photo booths are turning up everywhere. They have changed how we celebrate and commemorate special events.

If you were a wedding guest 20 years ago, a Kodak disposable wedding camera may have been on each reception table. What made it a wedding camera was that it had pretty flowers and looked like a decoration. Guests were expected to use the camera to take pictures of what was happening at their table during the reception and leave the camera behind with all the film used so the newlyweds could get the pictures developed and add them to their wedding album.

Today, there is a photo booth set up usually right beside the dance floor so guests can stroll in and don one or more of the photo accessories including signs, emojis, hats, wigs, and masks to name a few. After a brief processing period, the printed photos are ready to be viewed. There is no more delayed gratification on seeing the photos, and they can be retaken as many times as the guests want to do them.

A photo booth may even show up at your next office holiday party. The photo booth in Philadelphia has become part of the entertainment of the event as people take silly and fun pictures.

Photo booths show up at other places, too. The mall and kids? venues like Chuck E. Cheese usually have them. The fun accessories are not available, but these machines appeal to the kids who do not yet own cell phones and may have no other reason to celebrate than getting their parents to take them somewhere or spend money on food and fun for them.

There are even some orthodontist offices with a photo booth. Your kids’ new braces, bands, or first day without braces can be celebrated with a fun selfie.

Even when there is no photo booth nearby, people use a mock frame or create their own photo booth look with accessories, signs, and frames. Their cell phones take the pictures, but the result is a faux photo booth look.

Photo booths are here to stay. People like taking silly pictures, viewing them immediately, and posting them on social media. Who knew picture taking would become such a popular form of entertainment?