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How Photo Booths Have Changed the Way We Celebrate

By July 16, 2020January 25th, 2023No Comments

In our selfie-culture, it is not surprising that photo booths are turning up everywhere. They have changed how we celebrate and commemorate special events.

If you were a wedding guest 20 years ago, a Kodak disposable wedding camera may have been on each reception table. What made it a wedding camera was that it had pretty flowers and looked like a decoration. Guests were expected to use the camera to take pictures of what was happening at their table during the reception and leave the camera behind with all the film used so the newlyweds could get the pictures developed and add them to their wedding album.

Today, there is a photo booth set up usually right beside the dance floor so guests can stroll in and don one or more of the photo accessories including signs, emojis, hats, wigs, and masks to name a few. After a brief processing period, the printed photos are ready to be viewed. There is no more delayed gratification on seeing the photos, and they can be retaken as many times as the guests want to do them.

Types of Photo Booths

When you imagine a “photo booth”, what do you see? Do you think of an open-air setup with a fancy backdrop, or do you think of an enclosed booth that you might see at an arcade?

With our modern Salsa photo booth machine, Twinkle lets our guests choose which type of photo booth set up is most convenient for their event. The three types of photo booth setups we offer are enclosed, inflatable, and open-air.

Our enclosed photo booth is an area blocked off with curtains that allows for a more private space to take photos. This setup also allows for more guests to fit in at any given time!

The inflatable photo booth offers all of the same benefits as your standard enclosed photo booth, with an added bonus of a unique aesthetic. The futuristic, fun-looking bubble can be customized with color-changing LED lights, adding a playful twist to the traditional booth.

The open-air photo booth is our most popular setup! For the majority of guests, being able to see others have fun in an open-air environment actually encourages participation. This setup doesn’t take up much space, which allows the camera to be placed pretty much anywhere within your venue.

Enclosed Photo Booth
Inflatable Photo Booth
Open Air Photo Booth

Our Photo Booth Features

With everything being digital nowadays, Twinkle offers special digital packages that allow guests to receive all of the photos on their phones by scanning a QR code!

Some of our favorite modern features are the option to include GIFs, fun filters, and Boomerangs!

GIFS are a great way to animate your photos. A GIF captures multiple shots and combines them together in a short video.

Everyone loves a good filter! Our photo booth is equipped with several fun filters that will make everyone look even more stunning. Some of these filters include black and white colors, a “glam” setting, and other color tints.

Boomerangs were made popular by Instagram. Similar to a GIF, a Boomerang will capture a short video but plays forward and reverse. This has become increasingly popular, and our guests love to try fun Boomerang poses!


Photo Booths Everywhere!

It seems that photo booths are becoming more and more popular. Customers all around Philadelphia have booked photo booths as part of the entertainment for their events – you may even have a photo booth at your next office holiday party!

Photo booths have shown up at other places, too. The mall and kids’ venues like Chuck E. Cheese usually are known to have them. Although fun props that Twinkle offers are not available at these places, these machines appeal to the kids who do not yet have cell phones.

There are even some orthodontist offices with a photo booth! Your kids’ new braces, bands, or first day without braces can be celebrated with a fun selfie.

Even when there is no photo booth nearby, people use a mock frame or create their own photo booth look with accessories, signs, and frames. Their cell phones take the pictures, but the result is a faux photo booth look.

Photo booths are here to stay. People like taking silly pictures, viewing them immediately, and posting them on social media. Who knew picture taking would become such a popular form of entertainment?

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