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Planning For The Planet: Hosting An Eco-Friendly Event

By December 1, 2020January 27th, 2023No Comments

Environmental sustainability is one of the top trends in the event industry, with planners and guests alike favoring an eco-friendly event. From choosing the venue to the invitations, it can be hard to know where to start.

Here are six ways to lower your next event’s carbon footprint:

1. ‘Shop Small’ for Decor:

Avoid buying bulk decorations from large event companies and shop local instead. Manayunk Development Corporation encouraged the community to shop small this holiday season, promoting Small Business Saturday over Thanksgiving weekend. Try Esty for creative decorations from local artists or visit your community’s salvage yard. Our Philadelphia favorite is Thunderbird Salvage on Frankford Avenue!

2. Go Digital:

Swap printed materials for digital options including emailed invitations, our Digital Photo Booth, and QR codes.

While opening a piece of snail mail is loved by every recipient, it is extremely wasteful. Instead, create an online event page to promote the party and facilitate guest interaction. Looking for the full invitation effect without the paper? Try an email invitation! Not only is it a cost effective solution, but it reduces paper use and postal service emission.

At Twinkle Photo Booth, we understand the importance of eco-friendly event entertainment. Our Digital Photo Booth lets guests capture candid moments and send the digital copy directly to their email or mobile device. This hands-free option creates zero carbon footprint and acts as a unique favor.

Due to COVID-19,  restaurants and bars have been forced to replace their customary paper menus with contactless QR codes. QR Codes are not only safer than the traditional menu but are an eco-friendly alternative to paper. By replacing your menus and event programs with QR codes, you can drastically reduce your event’s footprint.

3. Ditch Single-Use Plastic:

Skip custom favors and offer reusable beverage cups instead. This simple switch will not only reduce the amount of paper product waste at your event, but will be a useful souvenir. You can go a step further by banning single-use plastic altogether. This means no straws, spoons, or unnecessary plastic decor.

4. Shuttle Service:

A large majority of event carbon emissions are from transportation to and from event. Organizing a shuttle bus or coordinating travel plans can reduce your event’s footprint tremendously. To avoid air travel, consider the geography of your guests and choose a travel neutral location.

5. Eco-conscious Catering:

Philadelphia offers a wide variety of farm-to-table caterers, like Flourtown Country Club’s Seedling and Sage, perfect for an eco-friendly event. But don’t stop at the food, food waste sent to landfills contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. To prevent food waste at your event, opt for plated menus or passed appetizers instead of buffet style. Still have leftovers? Donate your extra food to a local food bank or shelter.

6. Virtual Events:

While nothing can replace an in-person bash, hosting your event on a virtual platform is safer for the environment. There are various streaming websites to host on such as Facebook LiveZoom, and YouTube. The online format has many benefits such as eliminating emissions from travel, potential for more attendees and safety from COVID exposure.

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