Garden Wedding Venues for Spring Ceremonies

Spring is in the air which means so is love! Are you recently engaged and looking to plan your future celebration? Well, garden wedding venues pair perfectly with a spring date. We’ve come up with a list of some of the best venues in the Greater Philadelphia area!

5 Garden Wedding Venues for Spring Ceremonies

1. Appleford

Appleford, located in Villanova, is a large estate sitting on 24 acres. The beautiful historic stone home is surrounded by gardens, providing many locations to celebrate! Appleford has been a top garden wedding venue on the Main Line for over 40 years.


2. Reading Public Museum

Reading Public Museum is a versatile venue with several unique spaces to accommodate every size, style, and budget. The 250-acre arboretum surrounds you and your guests with gorgeous trees and flowers. Or view the Wyomissing Creek and botanical gardens from Stone Terrace Tent. These two outdoor event spaces at the Reading Public Museum are perfect for any outdoor lover!

Reading Public Museum Gardens
RPM Tent
Reading Public Museum

3. Greenville Country Club

There’s something about a timeless venue that makes the occasion so romantic. Just a 45-minute drive from Philadelphia, Greenville Country Club is simply elegant, priding itself on hospitality and a relaxed old-world atmosphere. Ceremonies are hosted in the luxurious boxwood garden while receptions are enjoyed on the terrace underneath an elegant tent. The beautiful clubhouse and grounds are sure to leave guests in awe.

Garden Fountain at Greenville Country Club
Stacy Hart Photography Greenville CC
Greenville Country Club: Photo by Elisa Morris

4. Tyler Arboretum

Just outside Media, Pennsylvania is 650 acres of rolling-meadows and pristine woodlands. Tyler Arboretum is a historic and naturally beautiful venue providing a romantic atmosphere. Surround yourself with flower-filled gardens, magnificent trees, and unforgettable views. Tyler Arboretum is a popular garden wedding venue, so booking in advance is critical!


5. Fairmount Park Horticultural Center

Located in the heart of Fairmount Park, the Horticultural Center‘s historic greenhouse hosts both intimate indoor and large-scale outdoor events. The grounds are covered in lush plants, with its signature cherry blossom trees blooming outside each Spring. This Philadelphia garden wedding venue is amazing and a top choice for anyone!

Fairmount Wedding Venue
fairmount park horticultiral center

With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming! Make sure to know what kind of venue you are looking for and be sure to view a bunch of options to find the perfect spot! Not interested in a garden wedding venue? Check out our favorite Venues in Philadelphia!

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