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Everything to Know For Fall-Themed Photo Booths

By August 13, 2020January 31st, 2023No Comments

Themed events are always a blast – seasonal themes are relatable, engaging, and entertaining. Designing a photo booth around a fall / Halloween theme can be very exciting–especially for costume parties.

Here is the ultimate checklist for designing a photo booth for your fall event:

Color Scheme

Everyone knows the classic fall color schemes:

  • orange, yellow, red
  • green, red, brown
  • green, yellow, red
  • burgundy, orange, yellow

Combine these colors in every aspect of the photo booth from props to photo strips. Use orange, purple, and green shades for Halloween specific photo booths.

Props and Decorations

Here comes the most fun part of any photo booth—props and decor!

These props are a must for your fall photo booth, whether you use the actual product or cardboard cutouts!

  • Witch hats, brooms, and cauldron
  • Candy corn
  • Corn, s?mores, apples, and pies
  • Pumpkins
  • Signs with fall sayings

Don?t stop there! Add features for your guests to sit on or pose in front of or with:

  • Scarecrows
  • Bales of hay and straw mimicking a hayride
  • Fall signs
  • Fences

Go even crazier and hang props and decorations from the ceiling! Consider hanging those witches? hats, fall signs, and other fall-related items!

Backdrops and Photo Strips

For Halloween specific events, including a range of templates with the following items: ghosts, pumpkins or pumpkin patches, and spider webs. If your event is autumn specific include leaves, fences, and spooky night-time backdrop. Bring dimension to your photo booth by utilizing other decorations on your backdrops and photo strips. For example, purchase real pumpkins or fake spider webs to hang on the backdrop.

Digital Features

You have thought of backdrops. You have made props. But, do not stop there! Find ways to make your photo booth unique with digital features like:

  • Filters with pumpkins around your head (like a jack-o?-lantern)
  • Filter to add skeletons in your pictures
  • Digital props depicting your physical props
  • Selecting black and white prints for a mysterious look

If your celebration is a costume party, consider adding props, backdrops, and more that will match your guests? costumes. These may include princesses and superheroes in addition to other classic Halloween-themed costumes.

Ready to plan your fall-themed photo booth? Click here to contact our team at Twinkle for assistance in planning a great photo booth experience!!

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