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Customize Your Photo Booth Experience

By August 17, 2020January 31st, 2023No Comments

Whether you’re hosting a birthday party or planning a wedding, you want your event to be one filled with fun and memorable moments. What better way to keep the memories alive than with a photo booth!

Customize your photo booth experience with these unique tips!


#photobooth! Hashtags are a great way to have quick access to posts from friends and event guests. Many photo booth companies allow instant social media sharing access. Include the hashtag on your other decorations for more admirable photo sharing from your event. Having a specific hashtag for your event is also great for reminiscing about your celebration in the future.

Hashtags do not just have to be used in social media captions. You can also find handheld signs or chalkboards with hashtags to use as another prop! Design signs with fun sayings to liven up your photo booth such as #nofilter or #gorgeous.

Instagram and Spotify Frame Cutouts

Add more personal touches to your photo booth with large cutouts mirroring an Instagram post or Spotify song. These props are fun to customize around your specific event. Design the Spotify prop with the host?s favorite song or album. Create the Instagram cutout with your event’s hashtag in the caption and your picture as the profile. These are great ways to add a touch of the host to your guests pictures.

Balloons and Flowers

Spice up and add dimension to your background with balloons or flowers. These additions offer a variety of ways to decorate. You can bundle the items or invest in balloon or flower arches.

Custom Backdrops

If balloons and flowers are not the right direction for your event, try customizing your backdrop. Make the background your favorite destination, sport, or movie scene. Include your name(s) or logos to the backdrop to make it more personal. Match the colors and themes of your event to your photo booth backdrop.

All About the Host

All the aforementioned items make it help gear your event around the host. Personalization is important, especially for events like birthday parties, graduations, and weddings. This is your event. You should be the center of attention, even if it is as simple as using your favorite color

Modern technology helps make photo booths a more unique experience. There are a number of ways you can make your own photo booth experience one-of-a-kind. Whether you use a frame cutout or a balloon arch, your guests will definitely have a memorable time.

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