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Elevate Corporate Events with Photo Booth Rentals

By August 17, 2020January 31st, 2023No Comments

Be the company that everyone is talking about, and where everyone wants to work.

Leave your conference guests with a great lasting impression and give your employees an experience they’ll never forget! With Twinkle Photo Booth, you can create a fun corporate event to get your brand noticed.

Here are ways to use a photo booth as your next promotional tool:

Incorporate Company Logos

There are many features of photo booths you can use to advertise and promote your organization including adding your logo to backdrops, photo strips, and step and repeat. The more times you use your logo, the greater the brand recognition.

Hosting events is just the first step to publicizing the great aspects of your company,  branding your company at your event is even more important.

Use the Photo Booth Photos In Other Advertisements

Corporate recruitment has evolved over the years as the hiring process is now a two-way street. Applicants and other professionals are looking for a work environment that is friendly and positive.

Use the photo booth pictures from your corporate event to promote your company’s atmosphere. Using these fun photos will draw in more talented professionals looking for a compelling work environment. These pictures can market your businesses on outlets such as on brochures, websites, and social media.

Bring Enjoyment to the Work Setting

Who said a photo booth was only meant for parties and corporate events? Why can’t a photo booth be used in the office? Lots of times, working in the office every day can become mundane. Bring light to the work setting with a fun activity—a photo booth!

Photo booths show employees that you care about their happiness in addition to their work. Celebrate the culmination of the intern program or promotion of a well-deserving employee with a photo booth!

Photo booths offer your business great advantages whether at a corporate event or even in the office. Use a photo booth to encourage happiness, positivity, and promotion for both your company and your employees.

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