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Bridesmaid Dress Color: Capturing the Trends

By September 1, 2022January 16th, 2023No Comments

A lot goes into wedding planning, and one of the most important decisions that a bride can make is who to include in her wedding party. The next big decision is what the bridesmaid dress color should be!

Everyone adds unique elements to make their day one of a kind, and we’ve been lucky to capture that at our photo booth. Here are some trending colors!

Bridesmaid Dress Color - Blue


Blue is the most popular color of bridesmaid’s dresses we’ve seen! Both Rayna’s and Katherine’s girls were dressed in a lovely dusty blue shade.

Gabrielle’s maids wore a gorgeous off-the-shoulder navy dress. The bridesmaids at The Park’s wedding wore a flowy royal blue gown which looked amazing on everyone!

Bridesmaid Dress Color - Blue

Pinks & Reds

The second most common bridesmaids’ dress color we’ve seen is pink! Like blue, there are so many different shades to choose from. Mary’s bridesmaids had mauve dresses – such a beautiful color and it went so well with the pink backdrop! The ladies at Alyssa’s wedding wore a gorgeous light pink.

With two brides, Isla and Haley had more people in their wedding party than typical. Half of the bridesmaids wore a greyish pink and the other half a wine red shade!

Bridesmaid Dress Color - Pink
Bridesmaid Dress Color - Reds


Two winter weddings we attended had the bridesmaids wear emerald green. It is such an attractive color year-round! The color matched the Gallaghers’ custom backdrop wonderfully. At Alex and Brian’s wedding, they paired green ties with the groomsmen’s navy suits, creating a sharp look!

Bridesmaid Dress Color - Green


Dominique’s bridesmaids pulled off the amazing feat of looking amazing in yellow! It is such a bold color choice and they looked fantastic.


Samantha’s fall wedding had a gorgeous color palette. The girls’ bridesmaid dress color was a deep purple, the perfect contrast color to the orange seasonal decor!


The many ladies of Cait’s bridal party wore tan dresses in different fabrics! This simple color looked fabulous when all of them were together.

Bridesmaid Dress Color - Yellow
Bridesmaid Dress Color - Purple
Bridesmaid Dress Color - Tan

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