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Photo Booth

Which Photo Booth Setup is Best?

By April 18, 2021January 30th, 2023No Comments

You’ve decided to have a photo booth setup for your upcoming big day.

Did you know there are several layouts available to choose from?

3 Photo Booth Setup Options


An enclosed photo booth is similar to what you’ll see at an amusement park or arcade. An area blocked off with curtains allows for a more private space to take photos. For your event, the enclosed photo booth will be much larger than the tiny space you usually see in public spaces. This allows for more guests to fit in at any given time. Privacy might also be a good way to get the introverts on your guest list to open up and participate.

However, keep in mind that an enclosed photo booth setup will take up space in your venue since the goal is to fit a decent number of participants at any given time. It is important to consider the layout of the room and how you envision a booth fitting in with all other aspects of your event. 


An inflatable photo booth offers all of the same benefits as your standard enclosed photo booth, with an added bonus of a unique aesthetic. The futuristic, fun-looking bubble can be customized with color-changing LED lights, adding a playful twist to the traditional booth.

Also like the standard enclosed booth, an inflatable booth will take up space. Your venue will need enough room, both on the floor, as well as vertically to hold an inflated box. Due to design, the amount of space inside of the booth itself is limited, holding a maximum of 6 to 8 people.

Open Air

Our most popular option is our open-air photo booth setup. For the majority of guests, being able to see others have fun in an open-air environment actually encourages participation! This option also takes up the least amount of space. The camera can be placed pretty much anywhere within your venue, even in the tightest of corners.

The only real ‘downside’ is the lack of privacy. Some shy guests who are not as comfortable posing in costumes or with props might be more hesitant to participate.

You can incorporate a backdrop, or leave the background wide open, which practically allows for an unlimited number of participants in a single shot. What an excellent way to snap a fun, candid photo of your entire guest list!

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