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Draw Event Guests To Your Photo Booth In 5 Easy Steps

By October 9, 2020January 31st, 2023No Comments

Having a Twinkle Photo Booth is a great marketing tool regardless of your industry. Whether a trade shown or corporate networking function, photo booths elevate any event and act as a fun and modern way to attract customers to your business

The question is: How Do You Attract Guests To Your Photo Booth?

Draw Guests To Your Photo Booth With These 5 Strategies:

1. Be Social Media Compatible

Considering the function that social media plays in marketing, incorporating social media into the photo booth experience will provide major brand exposure, and allow another level of interaction with the booth.

It’s important to have a business #hashtag or Instagram handle displayed with equipment that allows customers to directly add their photos to social media. To involve the guests even more, ask for their social media profiles for easy tagging. Finally, be sure to encourage attendees to share their photos over social media as well.

2. Make Your Photo Booth Unique To Your Brand

Customers don?t care about a photo booth that they have seen around every other corner of the trade show, they want something that will catch their attention. Make your photo booth unique to your customers and your brand to draw recognition.

There are a lot of ways to make your photo booth particular to your brand including event props, booth backdrops, and complete personalization of photo prints; the options are endless. You can even add extras like velvet ropes leading up to the booth, to create the look of exclusivity.

3. Advertise Your Booth Before The Event

One of the best ways to let customers know that you?ll have a photo booth at your event is to advertise it!

Advertising can include posting photos from past events to your current followers on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. These shots should be visually pleasing, well edited, and vary between candids and behind the scenes. Another option is utilizing your newsletter and email lists. Reminding your audience of your modern booth not only gives them something to look forward to, but also keeps your brand on the top of the mind.

4. Provide The BEST Service

Whatever your business, people want to know they are getting the best service and experience. Make sure that your photo booth concierges are on top of their game, with smiles on their faces and the knowledge to smoothly run the booth. The last thing you want is someone who doesn?t know what they are doing. Not only do your photo booth concierges need to be the best, but so does the photo booth itself.

Before your event, make sure that the technology is running smoothly, there are no issues with setup, and everything is working as it should. Providing a fun and seamless experience is imperative to your brands reputation.

5. Strategic Placement 

The effort you put behind the setup and design of your photo booth will mean nothing if the booth is placed somewhere unnoticeable.

It’s ideal to place your booth somewhere that is certain to have foot traffic such as an event entrance or exit. If these are not options, make sure to set up in a place with adequate lighting, in a major walkway, and decorate your area to gain higher engagement and recognition among attendees.

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