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Entertaining 80th Birthday Party: Lonika’s Super Celebration!

By March 29, 2024No Comments

Lonika’s 80th birthday party was a celebration to remember! From traditional German flair to the electrifying spirit of Elvis and, of course, our photo booth, everyone was entertained!

80th Birthday Party outfits

The Happy Hour Social Club in New Jersey was buzzing with excitement as Lonika’s friends and family gathered to celebrate her big day! A fun balloon arch surrounded the table displaying a beautiful cake.

Lonika’s family knows how to throw an 80th birthday party! Since Lonika is German, some of her relatives rocked up in traditional Lederhosen, adding a cool touch to the celebrations.

And guess what? They even had an Elvis impersonator belting out tunes, because Lonika is a huge fan!

80th Birthday Party Entertainment
80th Birthday Party Elvis

Our photo booth was a hit at Lonika’s 80th birthday party. They chose our gold glitter backdrop with a fun design on the print to match the party’s vibe! The 4×6 prints were a great keepsake for everyone!

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