Born In The 80’s Birthday Party

What better way to celebrate your 40th birthday than honoring the epic decade you were born in with a costume party. Our hostess, dressed in Top Gun attire, covered the backyard in neon for her Born in the 80’s birthday.

80s birthday photo collage

The birthday girl customized her booth to complement the event – choosing our zebra backdrop with blue and purple LEDs.

Although we are currently not offering props, our hostess was more than prepared with various blow up and paper props for her guests to pose with. As the sun went down, the dance floor turned up with 80’s classics from Madonna, David Bowie, and Michael Jackson.

Planning an 80s themed party? Here’s some inspiration from her totally tubular event!

Design A Sticker:

Family and friends got a laugh from custom stickers with the birthday girl’s most iconic 80’s pictures. Here’s an online tool to get you started: Sticker You

Own Your Age:

Is it 2020 already? For goodie bags, our hostess created a clever candy stand featuring “turning 40” jokes and pink paper bags. 

40th birthday party goodie bags

Colorful Cupcakes:

This party was themed down to the cupcakes, with every one including colorful polka dots, smileys, and 80’s toppers. Looking for dessert decor of your own? Try Amazon!

80's birthday cupcakes

Plan for Weather:

Hosting an event in October can pose challenges, Fall bringing brisk nights and winds. Our host opted for a large partially enclosed tent and outdoor space heaters to keep guests comfortable. 

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