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Unveiling the Hottest 2024 Photo Booth Trends

By January 12, 2024No Comments

At Twinkle, we’re always ahead of the curve in capturing the latest and greatest 2024 photo booth trends! As we enter the new year, we’re excited to share the top trends to see at events.

From personalized props to glamorous setups and unique celebrations, here’s what you can expect from your 2024 photo booth experience.

Custom Props

Say goodbye to generic props and hello to a more personalized experience! In the last few months, we witnessed a rise in clients bringing their own props for the photo booth.

Whether it’s Philly-themed accessories, Halloween props for Friday the 13th, or their beloved pets, guests are getting creative and showcasing their unique style in every shot.

philly props 2024 photo booth trends
pet props 2024 photo booth trends

Glam is Still Going Strong

Glamour is timeless, and in 2024, it’s evolving with a twist. While the classic glam experience remains popular, we’re observing a surge in customization.

Clients are opting for different backdrops, layout styles, and enhancements to make their glamorous photos truly one-of-a-kind. Elevate your event with a touch of luxury and personalized glamour!

Glam 1

Single 4×6 Color Prints

Step aside, traditional photo strips! One of the biggest 2024 photo booth trends is making photos big, bold, and beautiful.

Single 4×6 color prints are making a statement, providing a larger canvas for your memorable moments. Experience the joy of a full-color, high-quality print that captures every detail and ensures your memories stand out.

4x6 color print 2024 photo booth trends

Booths at Unique Celebrations

The photo booth phenomenon is no longer limited to weddings and birthdays. In 2023, we observed a significant increase in our booth at non-standard events.

At sorority parties, corporate galas, staff appreciation events, and more, our booths are spreading joy and capturing memories at a wide array of unique celebrations! Expect this trend to continue into 2024 as more people recognize the power of a photo booth to elevate any gathering.

gala 2024 photo booth trends
formal 2024 photo booth trends
staff appreciation 2024 photo booth trends

As we venture into the exciting year of 2024, we are ready to bring you the latest 2024 photo booth trends that will redefine your event experience.

Get ready to capture the magic, laughter, and joy of your special moments with Twinkle Photo Booth!

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