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Top 2022 Event Trends to Have An Unforgettable Celebration

By November 15, 2021February 1st, 2023No Comments

Cheers to a new year! 2022 will be full of trendy, unique new beginnings for all the unforgettable weddings! If 2021 taught us anything, it’s that you all deserve to be you and unapologetically live your best life.

Check out the top 2022 event trends.

1. Unusual Entertainment

We believe one of the event trends for 2022 will be all new, unique entertainment for weddings! With all the postponements and cancellations, make your wedding the perfect night for you!

Live event painters, circus performers, and temporary tattooists are just a few ideas for unusual vendors to have at your wedding! Celebration Paintings conducts a live experience for the guests by painting an heirloom painting throughout your occasion! This addition will make the perfect, romantic touch to your special day.

2. Earthy, Nature Inspired Tones

Since the pandemic, everyone has been stuck inside, we all have a new sense of appreciation for nature. Why not spice up your wedding with the nature inspired earthy colors!

We believe that the rust color will be one of the 2022 event trends! With unique terra-cotta pots, driftwood, and dried flowers, your color palette will be to die for! Flora Event Design will provide that unique design that you’ve been thinking about!

3. Kardashian Style Photo Booth

Pose like a Kardashian! With the simple, yet classic look, we believe everyone will want to pose with the glam booth! The black and white photos give the perfect touch to your special day.

4. Backyard Garden Escape

Embrace the beauty and simplicity of your backyard! Backyard weddings are convenient, intimate, and budget-friendly! Flowing from the inside to the outside, you can make your backyard a beautiful garden escape.

5. Unique, Meaningful Gifts

Want to give a meaningful gift that isn’t on the wedding registry? One of our favorite local businesses creates a remarkable gift that allows the couple to relive their wedding day every day.

The Ceramic Bride creates beautiful, exquisite sculptures replicating the bride’s wedding gown. This amazing, meaningful gift gives the newlyweds a keepsake that they can cherish for a lifetime.

6. Extravagant Balloon Arrangements

Balloons are amazing decorations for any event, but surprisingly weddings too! This is one of the top 2022 event trends that is versatile for indoor or outdoor venues.

With some new amazing artists, The Great Inflator offers wonderful balloon arrangements that will give your event a wow factor! From balloon arches to extravagant garlands, they can create whatever you can imagine!

7. Trendy, But Unique Wedding Arches

Unique wedding arches are becoming more popular, but we believe they will be a HUGE event trend of 2022! Adding a trendy arch to your wedding may be just what you need!

Metal, birch, and hexagon arches can add such a beautiful touch. Metal arches are perfect for that simple, yet elegant look. Birch arches give that rustic, country look to add to your wedding. Lastly, the hexagon wooden arches give you the modern look to mix your venue up! Check out these photos for inspiration!

8. Clear, Acrylic Wedding Decor

For those who want the trendy wedding, add acrylic decoration pieces! These designs are beautifully created, giving that extra sleek look.

You can create any acrylic decoration! Invites, seating charts, wedding chairs, bar signs, you can do anything you want! Elegant Wedding Invites does it all and at an affordable rate!

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