10 Major Reasons to Rent a Photo Booth

Photo booths are always a fun sight to see. I mean, who doesn’t want to hop in one when they see it and take some fun pictures with their friends! Whether you’re planning a wedding or a party with your friends and family, renting a photo booth will make the event much more fun and memorable! Here are 10 major reasons to rent a photo booth.

1. Weddings

As we mentioned in our last blog, weddings with photo booths are always more fun and memorable. The fun pictures can also be given out as wedding favors to your guests! Read more about why you should rent a photo booth at your wedding reception in our previous blog if you’re planning a wedding.

2. Bachelorette parties

Bachelorette parties are meant to be that final whoo-raa with your gals before you enter the married life. Make long-lasting memories last even longer with a photo booth at your party!

photo booth

3. Birthday parties

Photo booths are a great addition to any birthday party for EVERY age! From little kids to older adults – everyone can create fun and lasting picture memories with a photo booth.

4. Baby showers

What better way to congratulate an expecting mom and new baby with photo memories of their celebration! Frame and post all the memories from the special celebration for the new baby to grow up and see!

5. Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

Remember your special day coming of age with your friends and family in the best way possible – pictures!! Instead of hiring a professional photographer, rent a photo booth! That way your guests can walk away with the fun memories of your special day!

6. Holiday parties

With our fun option to include fun backgrounds, banners, frames, and more, renting a photo booth for holiday parties is a great way to cherish the memories of the holiday festivities! Save the fun memories on your wall or in a frame so you’ll never forget them – even after too much of that holiday egg nog!

7. Corporate Events

Corporate parties will never be boring again! Renting a photo booth at a corporate event is a sure way to keep employees happy and the event filled with fun. Remember that fun Christmas party with a print of you and your friends at your desk!

8. Family Parties

Family parties tend to get boring when you’re a kid, especially if you have a large extended family. Keep it interesting with family and rent a photo booth instead of a photographer. With photo booths, you can create your own personalized picture memories with your favorite cousin or with grandma!

9. School Dances & Prom

What better way to remember your special night as a teen in high school than with a photo booth strip of pictures! With fun props and a special banner with your school spirit on it, this is a great way to never forget that special prom night!

10. Graduation party

The final whoo-raa! Graduation parties are meant to spend the time with your friends before you move on to the next stage in life! There’s no better way to hold a memory than pictures. Make your grad party the best one to go to with a photo booth. That way you can hold those fun memories with friends forever!

These are just a few reasons to rent a photo booth, there are so many more! Be unique and find your own reasons and rent with us today, you’ll never regret it!